About MGS Products

MGS Products started in 1996 in a small town in Wisconsin called Menomonie (Men-om-uh-knee), the same birth place as Swiss Miss pudding and hot chocolate factory along with University of Wisconsin Stout. MGS Products started with just a small catalog of 200 products for sale. Members made just $2 per item sold or earn points towards fantastic prizes such as bicycles, skate boards and more. In October 2003, MGS Products rolled out an even bigger selection of products, over 3,000 of them and increased members income to 25% along with a catalog with over 200 pages. Today MGS Products still has over 3,000 products for sale, but they have increased their consultants wages up to 60% profits. Consultants now start out at 25% commission and can earn up to 60% commission the more they grow their business. Plus consultants can now earn commission off their downline starting at 10%! MGS Products has grown into an international company with consultants in the USA and Canada, with over 1000 employees helping out with customer service, warehouse and shipping. By purchasing from MGS Products, you're helping support the company, plus its team members and consultants.

In July 2017, MGS Products also rolled out an Employee/Consultant Relief Fund. 10% of monthly sales will be put into this fund. Employees and Consultants that run into problems and need help, MGS Products will step in and help if they can. Each application is reviewed and a determination will be decided upon on an individual basis. For example if an employee can't make it to work due to their car breaking down, we will pay for their taxi/bus to work and home until they can get their car fixed, or help them purchase a new car. An unexpected Dr visit, MGS Products will pay up to 50% of the bill, even if there's insurance!